Hi ! We Provide You High XXX !

High Education And High Income Makes You Happy Life.



For People's Happy Life.

Have you thought about the meaning of living life?
We think about the meaning of living life as follows.
· The meaning of living life is "to live happily"
· The meaning of living life is "to leave something in the later generations"

Before you die, if you look back on your life and meet the two above,
We think that you can die in peace.

What is needed as a basis for realizing that,
We think that it is "high education", "satisfactory work" and "high income".
We provide these to people involved with Gourpedia Corporation.
Let's join you too!


会社名 グルペディア株式会社 - Gourpedia Inc. -
住所 東京都港区海岸1丁目2-20 汐留ビルディング3F
連絡先 03-6721-8228
代表者 黒田一徳 - Kazunori Kuroda -
創業 2007年4月1日
設立 2011年7月1日